Scott County

Scott County firefighters rescue horse from swimming pool

Scott County firefighters rescued a horse Monday morning that fell into a swimming pool northeast of Georgetown.

At about 8 a.m., the 4-year-old mare wandered onto a neighbor's property on Cynthiana Road and fell into an in-ground pool with about 5 feet of water, said Capt. Thomas Barber of the Scott County Fire Department.

With the snow and ice on the pool, the horse couldn't tell the difference between the ground and the water and "just fell in," Barber said.

The horse's owner had been looking for it, and the animal is believed to have been in the water about 10 minutes when it was reported to firefighters. It took another five or 10 minutes to get the horse out, Barber said.

"They had put a halter on it and led it out, and we kind of nudged it from behind with a pole or something they use for the swimming pool," Barber said. "She climbed up the steps that go down into the pool. A vet came out and checked her out, but everything was fine."

Barber said the department might respond to one or two horse rescues each year, but they usually involve ponds or creeks. "I don't think I've ever rescued one out of a swimming pool," Barber said.