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Driver charged in cyclist's death faces 4th aggravated DUI charge in 5 years

told police officers he had nine previous DUI charges.
Odilon Paz-Salvador told police officers he had nine previous DUI charges. Georgetown News-Graphic

GEORGETOWN — The driver charged with murder in the death of a Lexington bicyclist was arrested at least three previous times on drunken-driving charges and is the subject of deportation proceedings, according to court records.

Odilon Paz-Salvador, 29, who is from Mexico, allegedly struck Mark Hinkel, 57, on Saturday during the Horsey Hundred cycling event in Scott County. Paz-Salvador drove three miles after Hinkel landed in the bed of Paz-Salvador's truck before Georgetown police stopped him, police said.

Among the charges against Paz-Salvador is aggravated driving under the influence, making this his fourth aggravated DUI charge in five years.

There is no record of a Kentucky driver's license for Odilon Paz-Salvador, said Ann Stansel, records custodian for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. "Our records are destroyed after a period of five years, so we do not have historical information to determine if there has been a license issued to him in the past," Stansel said.

In his previous DUI cases, Paz-Salvador:

■ Was arrested in Georgetown in July 2010. He also was charged with driving without a license.

Arresting officer Gary W. Crump II saw Paz-Salvador getting out of the driver's seat of a vehicle, according to Scott County documents. "The offender was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and had urinated on himself," Crump said.

Paz-Salvador had drunk 12 beers and had an alcohol level of 0.324, according to Crump's report. Kentucky's blood-alcohol limit is 0.08.

The 2010 charges were amended to alcohol intoxication, a lesser charge, because Paz-Salvador was not proved to be the driver of the car, according to Scott County documents.

■ Was arrested again by Georgetown police in April 2011 and charged with driving under the influence and disregarding a stop sign, according to Scott County documents.

Paz-Salvador told officer Ben Jones he had drunk 12 beers. His alcohol level was 0.184, Jones said in his report. Paz-Salvador also had eight open cans of Bud Light beer, Jones said.

Paz-Salvador pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI.

(In Kentucky, there are six ways under which a DUI is aggravated: driving 30 mph over the speed limit, going the wrong way on a limited-access highway, causing an accident resulting in injury or death, having an alcohol level of 0.18 or higher, refusing to take a DUI test, or having passengers younger than 12.)

■ Was arrested by Lexington police in June 2013 on charges of careless driving, possession of open alcoholic beverages, driving under the influence and driving without a license, according to Fayette County documents.

Paz-Salvador pleaded guilty, making it his second conviction on an aggravated DUI charge, according to the documents.

Paz-Salvador was then turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and placed into removal proceedings, Immigrations spokeswoman Gail Montenegro said Wednesday. But Paz-Salvador was released eight days later after posting bond, Montenegro said.

"Paz-Salvador's deportation proceedings are currently pending in federal immigration court," Montenegro said. "ICE placed a detainer with Scott County jail on Odilon Paz-Salvador on May 25, 2015, following his arrest on criminal charges."

The detainer indicates authorities must notify immigration officials before releasing Paz-Salvador and maintain custody for as long as 48 hours to allow immigration officers to assume custody.

The most recent charges against Paz-Salvador include murder, wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of a fatal accident and failure to render aid, according to Scott County documents. Hinkel, the victim, was a Lexington lawyer.

Paz-Salvador said he had drunk six beers and had smoked marijuana, police said. They also said they found a "cold beer in the cup holder" of the truck.

Scott District Judge Vanessa M. Dickson said Tuesday that Paz-Salvador was a flight risk and a danger to the community, and she kept his bond at $100,000.

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