Woodford County

Fayette schools to get $15 million

Fayette County Public Schools will receive more than $15 million from the $787 billion federal economic stimulus plan, according to congressional estimates.

The money — which in some cases could be reflected in school budgets as soon as July, will flow directly to the Fayette district as part of the $13 billion in Title 1 money the nation's districts will net over the next two years.

The district will probably receive $7.1 million in Title 1 education funds and $8.4 million in IDEA funds for students with disabilities.

"We're pleased ... because it's very much in line with our mission, and that's to raise student achievement and close achievement gaps at the same time," said Fayette Schools Superintendent Stu Silberman.

Overall, Kentucky stands to net $654 million for education and $118 million in additional flex funds in the portion of the federal bill designed to help stabilize state budgets, according to early congressional estimates.

The state could also receive $421 million for highways and bridges and $1.3 billion for Medicaid.

Estimates for other area school districts include: Clark County, about $2.1 million; Franklin County, just over $2 million; Garrard County, just over $1 million; Harrison County, $1.1 million; Woodford County, $1.1 million; and Madison County, almost $4.1 million.

Jefferson County Public Schools would get about $52 million, according to the same estimates from the U.S. House Education Committee.