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Versailles couple's work in Haiti to be highlighted on TV show

A Versailles couple instrumental in building an airstrip in an isolated, cholera-stricken part of Haiti will be featured on a Dateline NBC program Sunday called "Rescue in the Mountains."

Dick and Judy Stoops, volunteers with Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps, parachuted into the mountain village of Medor in Central Haiti in December. Dateline cameras documented the two-week trip to clear an airstrip and provide medical care for thousands of people in the village, Dick Stoops said.

Several RAM volunteers and 60 Haitians worked for 12 days to clear the airstrip so villagers in need of medical care could easily be flown to hospitals. There is only one access road to the village; the road has fallen into disrepair, Stoops said.

The village's hospice is in a building about the size of a kitchen, he said.

RAM is an airborne relief corps established in 1985 that provides free health care and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas in the world. Dick and Judy Stoops have volunteered with the organization since 2004.

The Dateline program will air at 7 p.m. Sunday on WLEX.