Woodford County

Power knocked out to homes in Franklin, Scott, Woodford counties

Thousands of homes in Franklin, Scott and Woodford counties were without power Saturday night after a transmission line outage, a Kentucky Utilities spokesman said.

The problem was quickly isolated and crews were working overnight to repair the problem, KU spokesman Cliff Feltham said. Many customers had power restored by midnight, however all of Frankfort was still without power.

Power had not been restored to The Frankfort Plant Board, which purchases power from Kentucky Utilities and supplies it to all of Franklin County.

Feltham said all power should be restored by 1:30 a.m.

More than 20,000 homes in Frankfort were affected, Plant Board General Manager Jim Smith said.

About 6,000 customers were affected in other counties, Feltham said. It was unclear whether those customers were individual homes or municipal customers that supply power to multiple homes.

Smith said callers reported flashes and explosions about the time the city lost power, but crews had been unable to substantiate those claims.