London woman strips, runs naked with Corbin track team

The boy’s track team at Corbin High School saw more than a beautiful day Friday morning when a woman stripped off her clothes and ran with them, police said.

“She pulled off all her clothes, went across the chain link fence, and then got into the track area with the boys and was running around the track with the boys,” said Capt. Coy Wilson, public affairs officer for Corbin police.

“They said she was running around after them. She never touched any of them,” Wilson said. “When I got there, she’d already quit that, went across the fence and into the parking lot.”

Wilson asked for the woman’s identity. “No reaction from her,” he said. “She said something, I don’t even remember. She pretty much didn’t know who she was.”

The woman began to resist when Officer Steve Meadors attempted to put her into a police cruiser to get her out of sight, Wilson said. Meadors used a stun gun “to keep from having to hurt her or have her hurt one of us,” Wilson said.

The woman was taken to the Corbin police department. No identification could be found in her clothes, so police posted a photograph of her face on Facebook. Within a few minutes, someone identified her as Julie Leger, 26, of London, Coy said.

She was eventually taken to Baptist Health Corbin for observation and treatment.

Wilson said it wasn’t that long ago that a man wearing only boxer shorts, a T-shirt and socks was taken into custody at Whitaker Bank on Corbin’s Main Street.

Police suspect that a combination of methamphetamine and synthetic bath salts may be causing the erratic behavior among individuals, Wilson said. At least that’s what the man in boxers told police he’d taken after he was sober.

Meanwhile, Leger was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting arrest and indecent exposure.