Guy skips work after state court criminal scheme discovered, can’t avoid charges

An Administrative Office of the Courts employee hasn’t shown back up to work since it was discovered he allegedly set up a fake account for an out of state company to wire him $5,000 for background checks.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland, 38-year-old Robert Jaracz is a clerical employee at the AOC and his job entailed running criminal histories. While it is a free service for a law enforcement agency, AOC charges companies and private citizens $20 per inquiry.

From Jan. 20, 2016 until Jan. 29, 2017 Jaracz allegedly provided criminal histories to an Indiana company without charging them.

“There’s a company in Indiana called VeriScreen and they screen applicants for jobs for employers … which includes a criminal history,” Cleveland said. “This guy Jaracz contacts VeriScreen and tells them that AOC has adopted a new policy. They’re going to accept payments for record checks by way of wire transfer of funds. He tells VeriScreen to wire transfer to this account that he says is the AOC’s account and ask them to transfer $10,000 into the account for prepayment of records.”

Jaracz then allegedly changed the AOC records to reflect VeriScreen is now a law enforcement agency entitled to free record checks, according to Cleveland, to cover up his activities.

“VeriScreen attempts to wire transfer $5,000 to the account number that Jaracz had provided. He had given them a routing number and an account number,” Cleveland said. “VeriScreen does that and they identified the account it is going to as AOC; KY Criminal.”

But the bank didn’t have any accounts matching the description and wouldn’t accept the transfer.

“And that’s when things start to unravel — when the bank contacts the AOC about this,” Cleveland said. “AOC finds out Jaracz had run 65 record checks for VeriScreen at no charge — about $1,300 worth. I don’t think Mr. Jaracz hasn’t been seen at his employment since this began.”

According to Jamie Neal, public information specialist for AOC, Jaracz ceased coming to work and was considered to have abandoned his job as of Feb. 12, 2016. AOC learned about the problem once they were contacted by VeriScreen.

A grand jury indicted Jaracz with abuse of public trust, a Class D felony and theft by deception under $10,000 a Class D felony.