Woman accused of threatening a Fayette County judge

Family Court Judy Kathy Stein
Family Court Judy Kathy Stein

A woman accused of threatening a Fayette County judge and harassing an attorney appeared in court Friday.

Mary Layne Netherton, 42, is charged with third-degree terroristic threatening and harassing communications, both misdemeanors, according to court records.

Netherton is accused of approaching and threatening Family Court Judge Kathy Stein on Wednesday while the judge was walking to her car near the Fayette County Circuit Courthouse, court documents said. Stein recognized Netherton from a case.

In the court appearance Friday afternoon on the charges, Netherton said she was looking forward to seeing the evidence in the case.

Stein told police Netherton mentioned “feds” were investigating, according to court documents.

Netherton allegedly told Stein, “I’m going to break your (expletive) neck,” according to court documents. Stein said she was upset by the threat.

Stein also told investigators that Jenny Scott, an attorney for Netherton’s former spouse in a child custody case, has also been harassed by Netherton, according to court records. Netherton allegedly used phone calls and emails to harass Scott since early 2015, WTVQ reported.

Netherton was released from jail on Thursday on a $7,500 cash bond, according to court records.

Judge Stein has been suspended twice in six months by a judicial oversight commission over decisions she’s made in Family Court cases. She recently returned to work.

In her Friday court appearance, Netherton asked District Judge Joseph Bouvier, who is overseeing her terroristic threatening case, “Are you aware that (they’re) facing disciplinary actions.” The judge said the case was not being heard Friday.

She’s next due in court June 6.