Kentucky man accused of killing fetus by stabbing mother


An Owensboro man has been charged with fetal homicide, a capital offense, after he broke into a woman’s home, stabbed her repeatedly and caused the death of her fetus, according to court records.

Sergio L. Lopez, 35, was indicted Wednesday on charges of first-degree fetal homicide, two counts of first-degree assault and first-degree burglary by the Daviess County grand jury. The charges stem from March 27 incident at the home of Elena Gomez of Owensboro.

Lopez was initially charged with assault and burglary, and the fetal homicide charge was added by the grand jury.

Owensboro Police Department reports say officers were called to the home where Gomez lived with her sister at 12:26 a.m. after a neighbor heard screaming. Reports say the neighbor saw what looked like blood on the porch of Gomez’s home.

When officers arrived, they found Gomez “bleeding profusely from stab wounds on her back,” and Gomez’s boyfriend, Nelson Rocael Lucas Martinez, with stab wounds to the back of the neck, left arm and left collarbone.

Gomez was too injured to be interviewed, but Martinez told officers he and Gomez were sleeping when a man came in and started stabbing them. Martinez said the man left the room and Martinez went after him, but was attacked again, reports say.

Martinez told police he did not know the attacker by name, but believed it was Gomez’s ex-boyfriend. Police interviewed Gomez’s sister, who told them Lopez had previously dated her sister and that he “had recently been trying to get back” with Gomez, reports say.

Gomez’s sister told officers “on more than one occasion, Lopez had (appeared) at places (Gomez) was, to speak with her.”

Gomez was three months pregnant at the time she was assaulted. Reports say detectives learned Lopez worked at Real Hacienda restaurant on Frederica Street and set up a surveillance. At 10:45 a.m., detectives saw Lopez’s vehicle pull into the parking lot of River City Church on Frederica Street where he was apprehended. Reports say detectives found blood on Lopez’s pants, on the driver’s side door and in the door jamb of his vehicle, and what appeared to be dried blood on his hands.

Lopez was interviewed. When detectives asked Lopez where he was at the time of the incident, Lopez said “he was drunk and must have blacked out, because he does not remember anything,” reports say.

It is unknown if Lopez was the father of the fetus.

Lopez has been held in the Daviess County Detention Center since he was arrested on March 27. He has a prior record of mostly misdemeanor charges in Daviess County, including an August 2015 charge of fourth-degree assault, which also involved Gomez, and three previous charges of driving under the influence.

In addition, Lopez had a hold placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2014 while he was at the jail. Jail officials said previously that ICE officials were not picking up people on holds from the jail during the years of the Obama Administration.

Lopez is scheduled to make his first appearance on the charges May 19 in Daviess Circuit Court.