Transylvania attack suspect’s Buzzfeed article used to win search of his laptop

Mitchell W. Adkins
Mitchell W. Adkins

The Fayette District Court has approved the search of a laptop used by Mitchell W. Adkins, 19, the man charged by police in a machete attack at Transylvania University on April 28.

The affidavit in support of the search warrant mentioned how “Adkins had authored a statement utilizing the Internet-based site ‘Buzzfeed’ where he proclaimed his distaste with Transylvania’s political atmosphere and intolerance for political affiliation,” said Lexington police detective Steve McCown.

“It was during the interview of Mr. Adkins parents, they informed investigators that their son had previously written a suicide note on his computer in regards to the assault that occurred on Transylvania’s campus,” McCown said in the affidavit.

Adkins used a HP 13-4003DX laptop.

Adkins, of Cincinnati, was charged with first-degree and fourth-degree assault, and four counts of wanton endangerment. He’s accused of injuring two people inside Jazzman’s Café. A witness said Adkins asked students about their political affiliations before the attack. Adkins pleaded not guilty on May 1 and is due back in court June 7.

In 2015, Adkins wrote a post on Buzzfeed as a community contributor titled "Discrimination of Conservatives in Liberal Arts."

“The constant bullying and lack of friends drove me to an overdose, a trip to the hospital, and two trips to a mental hospital,” Adkins wrote. “The constant thought of knowing I'd never fit in was too much for me to bear.”

On May 1, the court ordered Adkins to undergo a mental status evaluation. That same day, an Amy Adkins posted a $25,500 bond for him, according to court documents. Adkins is no longer listed as a current inmate on the Fayette County Detention Center website.

Transylvania University President Seamus Carey, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and Lexington Police Chief Mark Barnard discuss assault on campus that sent one student to a local hospital.

One person was injured and another taken into custody after a machete attack Friday morning at a Transylvania University coffee shop, according to police.

Morgan Eads contributed to this report

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