Deputy jailer allegedly touched inmates' breasts & buttocks, brought them e-cigs in her bra

Amber Wyatt
Amber Wyatt WKYT-TV

A Grant County deputy jailer is accused of slapping, poking and touching inmates' breasts and buttocks, as well as bringing them snacks and e-cigarettes, which she concealed in her bra.

She also allegedly held open the door to a property closet and allowed inmates to put more than $3,000 worth of stolen property into their property bags.

Amber Wyatt, 24, of Sparta, was arrested Saturday. Court records indicate that she was released from jail on Monday.

She faces one count of receiving stolen property, 10 counts of second-degree promoting contraband and 10 counts of second-degree sexual abuse.

Wyatt allegedly subjected two inmates to sexual contact "when she poked, slapped and touched their breasts and buttocks a minimum of 10 times and a maximum of 20 combined" between May 3 and May 23, according to court records.

She allegedly allowed inmates to put stolen property from a property closet into their property bags between May 23 and 24. The property was worth at least $3,075 but less than $10,000, the records state.

And between April 22 and May 23, she brought into the jail e-cigarettes that she had hidden in her bra, as well as food, candy and soft drinks that she brought in from home.

She is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday.