Kentucky woman said she found human bones. Sheriff says she was hiding stolen artifacts.

Tammmy Sculley
Tammmy Sculley Carroll County Detention Center

A Carroll County woman was arrested Tuesday after the county sheriff's office said she made a false report about bones she said she discovered under an abandoned trailer.

Tammy Sculley, 40, told authorities last month that a dog dug up the human bones and brought them to her, Carroll County Sheriff Phillip Marshall said in a press conference Wednesday morning. Following an investigation, it was determined that those bones were archaeological antiquities that two separate people stole from an unspecified building, Marshall said.

The bones were given to Sculley to use in her fish tank, but she got nervous about it and fabricated the story about her dog finding them, the sheriff said.

There is nothing to suggest foul play involving the bones because they were in an artifact collection, Marshall said in his press conference. The recovered bones are in a lab to determine how old they are.

Sculley was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident. Two additional people, whose names were not released, will be charged with burglary. They are already in custody following a separate burglary.