He put Ambien in ex-girlfriend's food, pleasured himself sexually while she slept, police say

Peter Horine
Peter Horine

A Lexington man is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend and putting Ambien, a prescription drug for insomnia, in her food so he could sexually abuse her while she slept.

Peter Horine, 65, was arrested Sunday after a Richmond police officer found him on the back porch of a home where he didn't live. Someone had called the police after seeing Horine hiding in the bushes near Pin Oak Drive in Richmond.

Horine told the officer that "he was in the area to spy on his ex-girlfriend," police say in court documents.

The woman he was allegedly stalking told police that she had broken up with Horine "months ago after suspecting he was drugging her food."

Horine told police he had dosed the woman's food with "additional Ambien to make her go to sleep" on four or five occasions, according to documents filed in Madison District Court.

He allegedly told police "that while the victim was sleeping he would massage her arms because it was gratifying to him sexually."

The woman said "she had woken up in a daze with (Horine's) penis in her hand." She told police she had been rendered unconscious by the drugs and did not consent to what Horine was doing.

Horine was taken to the Madison County Detention Center. He is charged with second-degree stalking, first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree sexual abuse.

Horine is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.