He was put in a Kentucky jail on a parole violation. Multiple inmates were high in an hour.

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Seven inmates in a pod at the Franklin County Regional Jail tested positive for methamphetamine after authorities observed camera footage of the men taking the illegal drug.

According to jail spokesman Ron Wyatt, the man who introduced the meth into the pod had been picked up on a parole violation and had only been incarcerated for about an hour on June 8 when he was observed acting suspiciously.

“We tested all the men in the pod, about 20, and eight tests came back positive,” Wyatt said, adding that one person tested positive for marijuana but had only been in the jail for three days. Therefore, it’s believed he used prior to being incarcerated.

“Before we did anything, we put them in detox for their safety,” Wyatt stated, adding that the jail is not releasing the names of those involved because the case remains open. “Once they were out of detox, we tested them again.”

Wyatt could not speculate on the amount of methamphetamine recovered but said it was such a small quantity that, instead of weighing it, he sent it to the Kentucky State Police lab for testing.

“I’m sure it’s meth,” he explained, adding that a small amount of tobacco was also confiscated. “You can see them on the video taking it.”

While the case remains open, Wyatt said disciplinary action has been taken against the person who brought the illegal drug into the jail and those who tested positive.

“I just finished the 27-page report,” he stated. “I plan on indicting (those involved) next Tuesday.”

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