Jimmy John's employee quit work, robbed the place, Lexington police say

Markice Armstrong, Jr.
Markice Armstrong, Jr. Lexington Police Department

A 21-year-old Lexington man arrested Wednesday is accused of an armed robbery at a Jimmy John's where he used to work.

The robbery occurred June 1 at the Waller Avenue Jimmy John's, police said. When an employee was taking the trash out, he was approached by an unknown man with his face covered, the witness told police. The suspect was armed with a handgun.

The suspect, later identified as Markice Armstrong, Jr., pointed the handgun at the employee and demanded money from the store safe, police said.

Lexington police detectives later found out Armstrong abruptly quit working at Jimmy John's around the time of the robbery, according to police.

Police said Armstrong admitted to committing the crime. He is currently being held in the Fayette County Detention Center on a robbery charge.

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