Witnesses chase suspected purse-snatchers, detain them for Lexington police

Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall Photo provided

A group of witnesses helped catch two suspects in a purse-snatching Thursday afternoon in a Richmond Road shopping center.

A woman was approached in the parking lot of the Kroger store by a man who pulled away her purse and pushed her down, Lexington police Sgt. Ann Welch said.

The woman screamed when the man grabbed her purse, getting the attention of people standing nearby, Welch said.

The man started running toward the Movie Tavern, where a getaway car was waiting, Welch said. The victim and two witnesses chased him.

The man got in the vehicle with the driver, but a third witness blocked them in with his own vehicle until police could arrive, Welch said.

Brothers Corey Hall, 29, and Jeremy Hall, 23, were arrested when police arrived. Both were charged with first-degree robbery, Welch said.

The victim had some minor injuries from the tussle but didn't go to a hospital, Welch said.