Man assaulted with knife and thrown off balcony at Lexington apartment complex; suspect arrested

Lexington police badge
Lexington police badge Herald-Leader

A man was arrested Monday on charges that he assaulted a man with a knife and then threw him off a third-story balcony.

Greggory Niles, 37, was charged with first-degree assault, tampering with evidence and failure to appear.

An officer was filing a report near an apartment complex at 510 Hollow Creek Road, when an apartment manager flagged him down, police Sgt. Ann Welch said.

The manager took the officer to what looked like blood on a sidewalk, Welch said. The officer called the hospital and found that a person had been admitted with injuries consistent with a fall.

The victim said he'd been visiting someone at the apartment complex when Niles approached him, Welch said. Niles and the victim got into an argument, and Niles left, saying he'd come back.

The victim didn't take the threat seriously, but about five minutes later, Niles returned with a knife, Welch said. He then reportedly attacked the victim with the knife and threw him over the balcony, Welch said.