Man selling hemp from back of pickup at Danville Wal-Mart is arrested

Sam Walton believed in private enterprise, but that probably didn't include selling hemp from the back of a pickup truck in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Danville police arrested a Harrodsburg man Tuesday for allegedly doing just that.

Shortly after noon, police received a report that two men were selling marijuana at Wal-Mart from a black pickup truck with no license plate.

Upon arrival officers found a black Dodge Dakota truck and saw that the truck bed was "full of leafy green plants." The officers learned that the plants were legally grown hemp plants stolen from private property, police said.

Officers arrested Timothy J. Preston, 27, of Harrodsburg, and charged him with receiving stolen property, possession for sale of a simulated controlled substance, and trespassing.

Preston was being held in the Boyle County jail. Police determined that the other man was not involved in the theft, and he was released.