Lexington man allowed home to be used for prostitution, police say

A Lexington man is facing charges after police say he allowed his home to be used for prostitution.

Charles R. Lucas, 66, was arrested Friday at his home at 804 Warfield Place on charges of promoting prostitution and engaging in organized crime., according to a police citation.

While investigating complaints about prostitution at the home, police said one shooting and two armed robberies occurred that involved narcotics as well as prostitution.

They said Lucas took money and narcotics "from the prostitutes after they used his house to turn tricks" and that he would "order" narcotics that were brought to his home.

Lucas admitted to the crimes, according to the citation filed in Fayette District Court.

Police said they identified five prostitutes and 14 narcotics suspects as part of the investigation.

Lucas, who is listed as unemployed, is scheduled to be arraigned at 1 p.m. Monday.