'Degenerates' looting in Madison Co. after tornado

Looters have hit Madison County homes devastated by last week's tornado, Madison County Sheriff Nelson O'Donnell said.

At least one vehicle and an outlying building have been broken into since an F3 tornado tore a 19.5-mile path through Madison County on Friday, O'Donnell said.

"You've always got a bunch of degenerates who like to feed on people's misery," O'Donnell said.

No one has been arrested in the thefts. O'Donnell did not say when or where the looting occurred. A Madison County dispatcher said she was not aware of any reports of thefts in the damaged areas.

National Guard members and deputies are allowing only residents and cleanup crews into the damaged neighborhoods to prevent additional looting, O'Donnell said.

Residents should remove any valuables from their homes as soon as possible, though "I know that's hard to do," O'Donnell said.

ashlee clark