14 targeted in Franklin drug sweep

FRANKFORT — State and local police teamed up early Wednesday to conduct a drug sweep targeting 14 street-level drug dealers in Franklin County.

By 8 a.m., authorities had made nearly half of the arrests.

The roundup follows a five-month undercover investigation during which detectives bought crack and powder cocaine, and prescription pills, including OxyContin, Percocet, hydrocodone, Lortab and liquid morphine.

The 14 people in Franklin County face a total of 29 charges, including 27 felonies.

State police were assisted Wednesday by Frankfort police and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

State police Capt. Mike Crawford said working county by county with local agencies is the "way of the future" because of budget constraints.

"We're all in the midst of a budget crunch, and Kentucky State Police is not immune from it," Crawford said. "We have found that if we partner with local agencies, we can actually double our manpower and reduce our cost."

The roundup in Frankfort follows 24 arrests last week in Woodford County, which resulted in 42 drug-related charges.

Crawford said clearing a street corner from just one drug dealer who sells to kids or addicts is helpful.

"Any time you take one off the street, you're making a dent," he said.