Lexington woman dies in knife attack

The spelling of Andres Cruz's name was incorrect in a story on Page C1 on Sunday.

Lexington police Saturday night charged a 51-year-old with murder in the fatal stabbing of a woman at her Aurora Avenue home several hours earlier.

Police said Roderick Blincoe, 51, was being booked into the county detention center on charges of murder and second-degree burglary.

Officers apprehended Blincoe inside the Cramer & Hanover Church of Christ at 199 North Hanover Avenue at about 6 p.m. Saturday, roughly two hours after the stabbing. Police, who were seeking a man seen running from the stabbing scene, entered the church after noticing that a window had been broken out. Blincoe did not resist, police said.

The Fayette County Coroner's office identified the victim as Liese Carr, 53. She died just after 5 p.m. at the University of Kentucky Hospital, where she was taken after being stabbed at her residence at 714 Aurora Ave.

Lexington police Lt. David Marcum said Carr and Blincoe apparently knew each other, indicating that Blincoe might have been Carr's tenant at one point.

Officers initially were dispatched to Aurora Avenue about 4 p.m., after receiving a call about a disorder between a man and a woman involving a knife, Marcum said.

The victim was found outside the house. But Marcum said it was unclear whether she was stabbed there or inside the building. He said she suffered "multiple stab wounds."

A neighbor, Andres Cruc, said he was driving down Aurora about 4 p.m. when he heard screams. Cruc said he initially thought the screams were children playing. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Cruc said he quickly pulled into the driveway at 714 Aurora and saw an altercation between a man and woman at the rear of the property. The woman was screaming for help, Cruc said. He said he got out of his car and yelled at the man, who ran. Cruc said the flip-flops he was wearing made it impossible for him to give chase. The fleeing man crossed over a fence at the rear of the property and was last seen heading south toward Cramer Avenue, Cruc said.

The woman had small cut marks around her throat, and a larger wound around her stomach that was "bleeding a lot," Cruc said.

Cruc said he called for his wife, who is a nurse, to bring a first-aid kit, and then called police.

Police combed the area on the ground, and a police helicopter circled over the neighborhood for more than an hour.

Blood stains could be seen on a retaining wall in front of a house next door. Police said they also found blood stains on Cramer Avenue, apparently left by the fleeing suspect.

Marcum said it was unclear early Saturday night whether the stains were from the woman's blood or whether the fleeing man might have injured his hands climbing over a fence.

Aurora is a narrow street of small, neat homes off Walton Avenue. The street remained blocked off early Saturday night as police officers continued to work the scene.

Sarah Hager, another neighbor, said the incident was "very, very unsettling," noting that Aurora usually is a "very quiet neighborhood."

"I guess it just shows that it can happen anywhere," Hager said.

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