Mercer Co. teacher arrested after argument with colleague

Editor's Note: This case was dismissed by a court in June 2010, records show.

HARRODSBURG — A Mercer County teacher was charged with a misdemeanor count of third-degree terroristic threatening after getting into an argument with another teacher at Mercer County Senior High School.

Drama teacher Dustin Mosko, 32, of Harrodsburg remained in the Boyle County jail Tuesday after his arrest Monday night.

Harrodsburg police arrested Mosko after English teacher Zack Marinelli filed a complaint alleging that Mosko came into Marinelli's classroom and threatened him. The two teachers have been suspended with pay pending the conclusion of the district's investigation, Superintendent Chuck Hamilton said.

The handwritten complaint says Mosko wanted to know whether Marinelli, who lives in Boyle County, had called the police "on his friends during a party."

"I told him that I did not do it out of malice, only to protect the kids," Marinelli wrote. Mosko "proceeded to go on about his family being there. I told him that as an educator it was our responsibility to protect said minors. He then told me that he 'wanted a piece of me.'"

Marinelli's statement didn't make clear how he knew of the party or that minors were allegedly present.

Mosko told Marinelli "that he wanted to fight me any time, anywhere," the complaint says. When Mosko refused to leave, Marinelli called Principal Terry Yates. Mosko continued to threaten Marinelli in Yates' presence, the complaint says, and Mosko told Marinelli that "he knew where I lived and for me to wait to see what happens when I file charges on him."

Police arrested Mosko at 7:20 p.m. Monday, according to the citation filed in court.

Third-degree terroristic threatening is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.