Methadone clinic company sues Somerset, Pulaski County, UNITE

The company behind a controversial proposal to open a clinic in Somerset that would provide methadone to drug addicts has decided to halt efforts to open the facility, according to a federal lawsuit.

Somerset Addiction Solutions LLC said the decision not to open the clinic will cost the company at least $15 million in future revenue.

The company is seeking that amount in damages from Somerset and Pulaski County, which passed resolutions against the clinic.

Operation UNITE, a regional task force that investigates drug trafficking and provides money for substance-abuse treatment and education efforts, also opposed the clinic, according to the lawsuit.

The company filed suit against the city, county and UNITE in federal court. The lawsuit claims that efforts to block the clinic discriminated against people with disabilities, among other things.

A number of people opposed the clinic, in part because of the potential for it to bring more drug addicts into the area.

Methadone is dispensed to people who are addicted to opiates, such as heroin, to reduce their cravings.