Officer assaulted at Richmond party

Richmond police arrested six people, including two charged with assaulting an officer, after responding to complaints about loud parties on Hampton Way.

About 1 a.m. Sunday, officers found one loud party in the 600 block of Hampton Way and resolved it without incident. They then went to a second party in the 500 block and found several partygoers running through the back door of an apartment.

When officer Josh Petry went to the door to investigate, some partygoers tried to close the door, pinning his foot between the door and the frame. Petry couldn't get loose, and several people began stomping on his foot, according to a release.

Other officers were called to help and were able to free Petry. He was taken to Pattie A. Clay Hospital and was treated for a sprained foot.

The two charged with third-degree assault on a police officer were Jonathan R. Foster, 21, of Lexington, and Sean A. Parr, 19, of Dupree Hall at Eastern Kentucky University. They also were charged with disorderly conduct.

Others charged were Dustin R. Russell, 19, of Florence, disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication and possession of marijuana; Wesley B. Dean, 18, resident of the apartment, disorderly conduct; Jonathan N. Casstevens, 19, Dupree Hall, alcohol intoxication; and James M. Puckett, 23, London, alcohol intoxication.