Investigators finish searching at Pulaski site where bones were found

Investigators completed their search Thursday for evidence at a site in Pulaski County where they found bones from two bodies.

Searchers found more bone fragments Thursday, but no evidence of more than two bodies at the site, said Pulaski County Coroner Richard New.

The bone fragments will be analyzed at the state medical examiner's office

Authorities collected skeletal remains at the secluded site east of Somerset in investigating the murder of Jeffrey Kevin Price II. Someone put his body in a brush pile at the spot and burned it.

In trying to identify Price's remains, Dr. Emily Craig, the state forensic anthropologist, found duplicates of some bones. That meant two bodies were burned at the spot, she said.

It's not clear the bones that were not from Price were burned at the same time.

One question is whether the bones can be matched with a missing person. That could be difficult, because investigators found only a few bone fragments not from Price.

However, New said it is possible that someone with knowledge of Price's death also could have information about the other bones.

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