12 credit cards stolen from locker rooms at 2 Lexington gyms

Lexington police are investigating a string of credit card thefts at two local gyms that led to $35,000 in fraudulent charges.

Detective Eric Hobson said police are investigating eight cases of credit card theft from locker rooms at Urban Active on Wellington Way and the Beaumont YMCA. Twelve credit cards were stolen from eight victims during the past month, he said.

The cards were taken from gym locker rooms while the victims were working out; in most cases, the items had been locked up, Hobson said.

"We don't know if (the suspects) have a master key, or they discovered a way to (open) the lock," Hobson said. "The locks do not appear to be tampered with when the victim returns."

One of the stolen cards was used to buy six $1,000 Macy's department store gift cards. Hobson said police have security footage from a Macy's in Cincinnati that shows six people who used the gift cards, but no suspects have been named.

"We currently don't know if they're the ones that are down here committing the thefts or a group that has been receiving the stolen gift cards," he said.

The stolen cards also have been used at Best Buy in Lexington.

Hobson said gym managers and Cincinnati police are assisting in the investigation.