3 Jackson County teens charged with attempted murder, kidnapping

Police have arrested three teenagers, including a juvenile, on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder after a Jackson County High School student told authorities that the girls kidnapped and tried to kill her.

Cheyenne Williams, 18, of McKee, signed a sworn criminal complaint Monday, saying she was abducted on Friday by Corinne M. Schwab, 18, of Sandgap; Ashley N. Sams, 18, of Annville; and a 17-year-old girl who was not identified because she is a juvenile.

Williams told police she was attacked as a result of her sexual orientation, state police Detective Joie Peters said.

The criminal complaint says the girls unlawfully restrained and tried to cause Williams' death. The intent was to "accomplish or advance the commission of a felony and to inflict bodily injury or to terrorize" Williams. The complaint, which was signed by George Hays, the Jackson County attorney, does not provide any other details. Hays declined to comment.

State police issued a news release Tuesday that says Williams was "taken against her will to the Flat Lick Falls area" where she was assaulted and that the other three girls "attempted to push her over a cliff, which could have resulted in serious physical injury or death."

Williams was able to escape and get to safety, the report says.

Peters said the teens have been friends since sixth grade and all are students at Jackson County High School. Williams told police that she initially went with the others willingly and thought they were joking with her, but she said she later got scared, Peters said. Williams said the others then attacked her.

Williams videotaped the incident on her cell phone, Peters said.

Schwab and Sams turned themselves in to the Jackson County sheriff's department Tuesday morning after warrants were issued for their arrest.

Sams and Schwab were being held at the Jackson County jail. They're scheduled to be arraigned April 22. Both declined a request for an interview Tuesday night.

A man who identified himself as Sams' father declined to comment. A woman who identified herself as Schwab's mother said she did not want to comment publicly.

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