Accused fake doctor faces new indictment on impersonation charge

Dean Alan Willoughby, who was indicted last year on 73 counts of practicing medicine without a license and sexual abuse, was indicted again this week by a Fayette County grand jury for allegedly impersonating a doctor.

According to this week's indictment, Willoughby represented himself to be a medical doctor and conducted a medical examination or procedure on "P.L." between January and February 2009.

An arraignment on the single charge of practicing medicine without a license has been set for May 14 in Fayette Circuit Court. A jury trial on the 73 other counts had been set to begin June 1.

Lexington police have said that Willoughby posed as a doctor doing medical research and paid people, mostly homeless men, $50 each to examine their prostates, check for hernias and inject them with what they thought were vitamins. Some of the alleged incidents occurred as long ago as 1996, according to police.