Breathitt man tried to run down Powell deputy, sheriff says

A Breathitt County man is accused of hitting a Powell County deputy sheriff with a truck Tuesday night.

Josh W. Napier, 25, was charged with first-degree assault. Deputy Matthew Reed was not injured.

"I'm doing good," Reed said in a brief interview Wednesday morning.

The alleged assault occurred northeast of Clay City after Reed responded to a complaint about a man doing doughnuts in the back yard of a home on Shiloh Road, where Napier had been staying recently, Powell Deputy Robert Mathews said.

Mathews said Reed found Napier sitting in a 2003 Chevy truck with the engine running, but the door was locked, so Reed couldn't turn off the ignition. Reed told Napier to put the truck in park and shut the engine off, but Napier reached down to the floorboard as if to get a weapon.

When Napier sat back up, "he just jerked the truck back in gear and took off and hit" Reed, who was between the truck and the house, Mathews said.

Reed fired several shots at the truck, flattening a couple of tires. But the truck continued on Shiloh Road, and Reed pursued Napier in his cruiser for about an eighth of a mile.

Napier got out of the truck and ran, but Reed caught him. Napier resisted, so Reed shocked him with a Taser. Napier broke the projectile off the Taser and began to fight again, Mathews said. The deputy then shocked Napier without the Taser's projectile, Mathews said.

Besides assault, Napier was charged with fleeing and evading police, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, criminal mischief and several other charges. He also was wanted on a probation violation, Mathews said.

A knife was later found in the truck. Napier was being held in the Powell County jail.