Multiple cars slide off Blue Grass Parkway near bridge

Sunday afternoon's snowy weather produced "chaos" on the Blue Grass Parkway near Lawrenceburg as at least a half dozen cars slid off the slick highway, police said.

Details were still sketchy Sunday night. But Deputy Brian Boggs of the Anderson County Sheriff's Department said some people suffered injuries that were not life threatening, and that "several" were taken to area hospitals.

Deputies, state troopers and emergency crews finally cleared up the mess about 8 p.m. Sunday, according to Boggs.

Boggs, who worked the incident, said several wrecks occurred in the westbound lands of the Blue Grass Parkway, starting at around 5 p.m., at a bridge just west of Lawrenceburg.

Boggs said he stopped to assist the occupants of one car that went off the road and ended up in the median with a blown tire. He said he stayed with the occupants of that car until he made sure a tow truck was on the way.

"It was about 15 minutes after that when pretty much all of the chaos broke loose," Boggs said. "If I'm not mistaken, there were at least six vehicles involved. That one bridge was extremely, extremely slick."

Boggs said he thought one person might have received a broken ankle. Some of the injured went to a Frankfort hospital, while others were transported to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, he said.

Some vehicles slid off the shoulder of the four-lane highway, while others skidded into the median, according to Boggs.

"Once the first one wrecked, as soon as the others tapped their brakes I'm sure that's when they lost control," Boggs said. "There were several that were very very lucky."