Powell woman in critical condition after uncle rescues her from fire

CLAY CITY — Three people suffered burns and a paramedic was injured in a mobile home fire Tuesday morning in Powell County.

Heather Bailey, 24, was flown to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, where a spokesman said she was listed in serious condition Tuesday night.

Bailey's boyfriend, Keeper Watkins, also was taken to UK for treatment of burns on his hands, according to Bailey's uncle, Criss Chaney. Chaney, who lives next door, rescued Bailey after Watkins was unable to do so.

Chaney said he woke up and saw the Bailey trailer engulfed in flames. He entered the burning trailer through the front door and found Watkins on the floor.

Chaney said Watkins told him, "I've done made three attempts to get her out. I can't go no farther."

Chaney said he helped Watkins outside, where Watkins begged him, "Please go back in and get her."

Chaney said, "I went back, and I couldn't find her. So I went ... and got a big thick blanket and put it over my head."

Before Chaney re-entered the burning trailer, Watkins told him he thought Bailey was in the bathroom.

"I went into the bathroom, and I found her," Chaney said. "So I just grabbed her by her ankles and just drug her out."

Outside, Chaney covered the unconscious Bailey in blankets until emergency crews arrived.

Bailey was burned on her back from her neck to her pelvis, said Chaney's wife, Tasha.

Criss Chaney was treated at Clark Regional Medical Center in Winchester for burns to his fingers and smoke inhalation. The hair on the back of Chaney's head and his ears were also scorched.

The fire broke out about 3 a.m. Tuesday on Brush Creek Road, about 6 miles northwest of Clay City.

"The structure was a total loss," said Clay City Fire Chief Richard Rogers.

A paramedic who slipped on ice while responding to the fire broke her right ankle or right leg, Rogers said. The cause of the fire was not immediately known, Rogers said.