Lexington triple homicide case sent to grand jury

The man accused of killing three men in a suburban Lexington home last week possibly shot the men because he was being ripped off during drug transactions, a Lexington detective testified Tuesday.

William Lee "Willie" Blancet, 41, appeared before Judge Kim Wilkie at a preliminary hearing in Fayette District Court. He is charged with three counts of murder in the deaths of Donald L. "Donnie" Adams Sr., 57; Donald L. "Rocky" Adams Jr., 33; and Ronnie L. Sparks Jr., 28.

The three men died in what police have said is a drug-related shooting at Adams Sr.'s home at 2169 Shaker Run Road on Jan. 4.

Lexington Police Detective Bill Brislin said police were led to Blancet by an unidentified family friend of the Adamses who said he had been at the house earlier that day with the Adamses, Sparks, Blancet and his son, William Blancet Jr. Brislin said the confidential source told investigators the shooting occurred after he left the house.

Police found William Blancet and his son about midnight Jan. 5 at his son's home at 1726 Yorktown Road. Investigators took William Blancet and his son to police headquarters for questioning, and the men told different stories.

William Blancet Sr. admitted that he shot the men because there was some kind of disorder and he feared for his life. Blancet's son told investigators that was not true; there was no disorder.

William Blancet Jr. told investigators he thought his father shot the men because he was angry about being "ripped off" and tired of being out of money because of drug deals with Adams Sr., Brislin said.

Police have said Blancet Sr. and the other men were associates. Blancet Sr. has gone to Florida to get prescription pain pills with the men, Brislin said.

"Following the shooting of all three victims, (Blancet Sr.) then took money and narcotics from Donald Adams Sr." that were stashed in the bedroom, Brislin said.

William Blancet Sr. divided the stolen pills into smaller bottles, one of which was found on him when he was arrested, Brislin said. More pain pills were found in the Shaker Run Drive home.

Adams Jr.'s mother, Christine Jones, found his body lying by the front door. Adams Sr. was found in a bedroom and Sparks was found in the kitchen.

Both Adams Sr. and Adams Jr. have had drug charges in the past, but Adams Sr.'s friend and attorney, Matt Boyd, has said Adams Sr. did not traffic in pills — only marijuana.

Family members said last week that Adams Jr. was battling an addiction to pain pills after injuring himself at work, but he did not sell pills or any other kind of drugs.

The family said Adams Sr. sold drugs because it was the only way the under-educated, chronically ill man could take care of his family.

After hearing Brislin's testimony, and focusing on Blancet Sr.'s apparent confession, Wilkie found probable cause to send the case to the grand jury.

In addition to murder, the senior Blancet is charged with first-degree robbery, tampering with physical evidence and first-degree possession of a controlled substance (oxycodone). He is being held at the Fayette County jail on a $900,000 bond.

Public defender Sam Cox, who was assigned Blancet's case last week, said he didn't yet know enough about the case to give any details.

"The only evidence that I have received would be what we heard at the preliminary hearing," he said.

Cox said it was obvious that drugs "played a major role" in the shooting, which he called "a tragedy for everyone involved including the Adamses, Sparks, and Blancet's family."

Family members of the Adamses were present in court, holding hands and hugging one another as Brislin recounted events the day Adams Sr. and Jr. were killed.

Jones, the mother of Adams Jr. and ex-wife of Adams Sr., said after the hearing that the family did not want to discuss the case further.

"We're going to let the justice system take it from here," she said.