State Supreme Court adopts rules for family law cases

FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Supreme Court has adopted uniform rules for family law cases statewide, Chief Justice John D. Minton Jr. and Deputy Chief Justice Mary C. Noble announced Thursday at a Capitol news conference.

The rules for family courts apply to such cases as those involving divorce, termination of parental rights, domestic violence, child support, juvenile status offenses and adoption.

Until now, there were no statewide rules specifically for family law cases. Judges followed the Supreme Court's Civil Rules and created local family law rules for their jurisdictions.

The new rules, which took effect Jan. 1, provide a uniform set of rules for judges, attorneys and parties to follow statewide to ensure safety, permanency and well-being for children and families, Minton said.

The new rules include requiring a court order modifying the status quo of custody cases if either parent intends to move with children from Kentucky to another state or more than 100 miles away.

Noble said the new rules do not deal with open records of court cases, noting that would be an issue the state legislature would have to address.