Lexington police say man who robbed two Krogers had an accomplice

By watching surveillance footage from two crime scenes, detectives say they think they have found an accomplice to a man who stole money from two Lexington Kroger stores this month.

Police released photos Monday from one of the thefts. The images show two men: a white man wearing a camouflage jacket committing the thefts, and a black man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt who acts as an accomplice, police said.

The men stole an undisclosed amount of money from a cash register at the Richmond Road Kroger on Jan. 1. Two days later, police said, the same two men appeared in surveillance video robbing the Hartland Road Kroger at gunpoint.

The accomplice enters the store before each crime, then acts as a lookout for the man committing the crimes, police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

Anyone who recognizes either man (see more photos on is asked to call police at (859) 258-3600 or (859) 258-3700, or Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020.