Frankfort police arrest one, seek two in burglary that caused about $643,000 in damage

Authorities in Frankfort arrested one man and are looking for two more in a metal theft that caused about $643,000 in damage to a local factory.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted Daniel Mathis, 29, of Frankfort, and Roger Lewis, 27, and Michael Murphy, 33, both of Mount Eden. Mathis was already being held in the Franklin County jail on unrelated charges, according to a news release from the Franklin County sheriff's office.

The burglary took place in January at the RJ Industries factory on Chenault Road. The thieves did about $643,000 in damage removing electrical wires, air conditioning units and brass plumbing materials to sell for scrap in Louisville and Frankfort, police said.

It's not clear how much the men made by selling the metal because the parts had not all been accounted for, said Captain Ron Wyatt of the sheriff's office, but it was "a fraction of the value that it would cost to replace it."

"It's less than a tenth, I would say," Wyatt said. "They took functioning AC units and scrapped them, so they got scrap value for them. But the replacement value is off the chart."

Theft charges would be levied against Mathis Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, Wyatt said. Anyone with information on the whereabouts Lewis and Murphy is asked to call the Franklin County sheriff's office at (502) 875-8740 or their local law enforcement agency.