Jonathan 'Bud' Mackey sentenced to 15½ years

Former Scott County High School basketball star Jonathan "Bud" Mackey was sentenced to 15½ years in prison Monday for felony theft, escape and trafficking in a controlled substance, along with a probation violation.

Mackey received 10½ years for the theft, escape and drug trafficking charges. His probation on a previous possession of cocaine charge was revoked, adding 5 more years.

Mackey will be eligible for parole in a little more than three years, said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Lee Greenup.

Mackey, of Georgetown, pleaded guilty in April to the theft, escape and drug trafficking charges as part of a plea agreement.

According to an arrest warrant issued last year, he and three co-defendants intentionally struck someone numerous times and took items from her pocket. Police say Mackey had a small black pistol in his pants and told the victim she was lucky he did not shoot her.

Police said $520 was stolen from the victim.

Mackey was voted the Sweet Sixteen's most valuable player while playing for Scott County's 2007 championship team.

He was charged in September 2007 after police said he had 1.6 grams of rock cocaine in his shoe. Mackey pleaded guilty in August 2008 to an amended charge of first-degree possession of a controlled substance. He was sentenced to two months in jail and community service.