Child suffers life-threatening injuries in Danville accident

A 5-year-old girl suffered life-threatening injuries when she was struck Sunday night by a sport-utility vehicle in Danville, police said.

The girl, Delanie L. Jones, was listed in critical condition at University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital on Monday night.

Delanie ran in front of a parked vehicle and into traffic in front of Catherine Gooch, 31, of Danville, who was traveling south on North Hill-n-Dale Drive, police said.

The accident occured near Long Run Community Apartments, where the child lives with her family.

Danville Assistant Police Chief Tom Bustle said Daniel Perry, Delanie's father, had parked across the street from where Delanie was hit.

Bustle said Perry said he was talking to someone when he saw Delanie standing between two cars across the street and told her to go back inside their apartment. "She turned like she was going to go back inside," Bustle said, and Perry turned back to continue talking.

"He heard the crash and turned and saw that she had been hit," Bustle said.

Gooch did not have time to slow down or avoid the crash, he said.

"There was just no way the driver could see her," he said.

Delanie suffered trauma to her head, spine and pelvis, Bustle said.