Three charged with drug crimes after stakeout in Laurel

Police in Laurel County charged three people Wednesday after witnessing a drug transaction in the driveway of a house in southern Laurel County, according to a news release from Sheriff John Root.

Root and detectives Brad Mitchell and Billy Madden were watching the house after numerous complaints from neighbors, and because there had been a drug overdose at the house, according to the news release.

The officers arrested Ashley Hobbs, 50, of Bell County, and Vicky Bolton, 54, of Laurel County, on charges of first-degree drug trafficking immediately after seeing the two allegedly sell pain pills.

Not long after, an alleged accomplice showed up to deliver more pills, according to the release.

Officers charged David C. Parsley, 63, of Laurel County with first-degree drug trafficking.

Police expect more arrests, according to the release.