Judge releases truck that fatally hit University of Kentucky student

A Fayette Circuit Court judge has granted a request by Shannon D. Houser to return to Houser the pickup truck that struck and killed University of Kentucky student Connie Blount in 2008.

In October, Judge James Ishmael gave prosecutors more time to respond to Houser's request. On Friday, Ishmael ruled in Houser's favor during a hearing in Fayette Circuit Court.

Blount, 18, was struck by Houser's truck the night of April 13, 2008, after she and a friend had spent the evening at Two Keys Tavern. Blount started to cross South Broadway at West Maxwell Street against the traffic signal, then stopped and knelt in the street, and she was hit by the truck. She was pronounced dead a short time later at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital.

The 1991 silver Chevrolet pickup that struck Blount was found outside Houser's home on Detroit Avenue in Lexington a short time later. The truck's bumper, front grille and head lamp assemblies had been removed, police said. The truck was impounded by police and has been in impoundment since then.

Houser, 40, has been out of jail on charges stemming from the 2008 case since Sept. 1.

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