Woman indicted for phone threats

A Lincoln County woman has been indicted by a Boyle County grand jury on charges that she made more than 1,000 threatening calls to law enforcement agencies and others using her smartphone to disguise her identity and voice.

Kathy Jo Harrison, 50, of Moreland, was indicted on 14 felony counts of tampering with physical evidence in Boyle County. Other charges are pending in other counties.

"There were 1,500 calls made in three counties in 12 months," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Paul Blanton.

The calls in Boyle County were made between August 2010 and August 2011, police say.

Harrison initially was arrested on related charges on Aug. 13 and bonded out of the Boyle County Detention Center on Nov. 2. She has not been re-arrested since the indictment was returned last week. Her bond is set at $20,000. State police Detective Donnie Moses investigated the case.

According to Blanton, Harrison used a "spoofing" application on her cell phone that allowed her calls to show up as coming from another person, and she also disguised her voice.

One of the main targets of Harrison's calls was her ex-husband, James "Mohawk" Harrison, Blanton said. Kathy Harrison is accused of calling the state police post in Richmond multiple times threatening to kill Boyle Deputy Sheriff Al Isaacs, and the calls showed up as coming from James Harrison's phone.

"She was trying to get him in trouble," Blanton said.

Similar calls were made to the Boyle County Sheriff's Office, the Danville Police Department, the Boyle 911 Center and Boyle Circuit Clerk's Office, where Isaacs' wife, Marsha, works. The threatening calls led to a warrant being issued for James Harrison's arrest.

James Harrison produced phone records showing that the calls did not come from his phone and suggested to police that his ex-wife might be behind the threats, Blanton said. During one of Kathy Harrison's calls to state police that showed up as coming from James Harrison, officers actually had James Harrison on the other line on his phone, Blanton said.

Further investigation by Moses revealed that Kathy Harrison used the technology to make threatening calls and texts to other Boyle County residents, state police say.

According to the indictment, Dale Isaacs, Dale Isaacs Jr., Karen Ross, Denise Lister, Angela Greene, Tammy Preston, Martha Bryant, Deborah Hooker, Herbert Demarse Jr. and Peggy Harmon were victims of Kathy Harrison's calls.

Ross, who lives in Danville, said the calls and texts threatening to kill her — some coming in the middle of the night — showed up as coming from Dale Isaacs, with whom Ross had worked on the Boyle County Fair Board. Dale Isaacs told Ross he didn't make the calls.

Eventually, the calls were tracked to Kathy Harrison, who used to work with Dale Isaacs at Burkmann Feeds; Ross said she had access to his company cell phone records, where the numbers for Ross and some of the other victims showed up.

"It was kind of scary there for awhile," Ross said.