Man serving time for killing Fayette deputy sheriff dies in prison

William Bennett in 2006
William Bennett in 2006

William Bennett, the man sentenced to 120 years in prison for killing Fayette Deputy Sheriff Joe Angelucci in 1988, has died in custody, family members of the victim said Thursday night.

Angelucci family members said they had received confirmation of Bennett's death from state corrections officials.

Angelucci was a son of retired Fayette Circuit Judge Armand Angelucci.

Bennett, 56, had been seriously ill since September. Officials had indicated he was being held at a medical facility outside prison.

On Dec. 5, the Kentucky state parole board decided not to grant medical parole for Bennett, although he met statutory guidelines for early medical release. Angelucci family members urged the board not to grant a parole, suggesting that Bennett might kill again if he were released and then recovered his health.

"We are glad to put this matter to rest, and justice has finally been achieved for our son, Joe. We are sorry for William Bennett's family, as we know all too well the effect death can have on families," members of Joseph Angelucci's family said in a statement released Thursday night.

Joseph Angelucci was in the process of moving Bennett to a mental health treatment facility on Nov. 4, 1988, when Bennett seized the deputy's gun and pulled the trigger, shooting Angelucci. He died about three weeks later.

A jury later found Bennett guilty of murder, but mentally ill.