AirTran plane makes emergency landing at Blue Grass Airport

An AirTran Airways plane had to make an emergency landing at Blue Grass Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

There were 106 people on board. No one was hurt.

Amy Caudill, spokeswoman for the airport, said the plane landed safely shortly before 4 p.m.

Lexington Fire Major Ed Davis said firefighters were told that one of the two engines of the plane, reported as a 737, had failed. About a dozen trucks from the Lexington fire department went to the airport before the plane touched down.

Brad Hawkins, a spokesman for AirTran Airways, said the plane was a Boeing jet.

Hawkins said the captain noticed performance problems in one of the plane's engines. The captain shut down the engine and diverted to Lexington, which was nearby.

Hawkins said the plane could have flown safely with one engine, but the captain decided to land the plane as a precautionary measure.

Another AirTran plane was sent to Lexington from Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon. Mechanics who were on that plane will repair the engine in Lexington, Hawkins said.

Hawkins said they will not know what went wrong until the mechanics arrive and work on the plane. He expected a three-hour delay for those traveling to Atlanta.