Man robbed of sack lunch at Lexington gas station

A man was robbed of his sack lunch at knifepoint early Tuesday on his way to work, Lexington police said.

Just before 6 a.m., the man was filling his gas tank at the Marathon gas station on Martin Luther King Boulevard when another man approached with a knife drawn, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

The man demanded money from the victim. When the victim said he didn't have any cash, the suspect took the lunch instead.

The victim, who wasn't identified, wasn't injured. Roberts said she didn't know what he had packed for lunch.

Sack and knife in hand, the robber ran down the street and got into a silver car, which drove off, Roberts said.

Roberts said it isn't unusual for robbers to take items of little value once they have committed to robbing someone who ends up having no money.

"Many times, suspects who have the intention of taking money ... will take whatever they can get," she said. "In this case, it was the gentleman's lunch."