Shelby County grand jury decides not to indict in fatal shooting by police officer

A Shelby County grand jury decided this week not to return an indictment in connection with the November police-involved shooting death of Trey Williams, 18, of Shelbyville, according to Kentucky State Police, who investigated the case.

Williams was shot by Shelbyville police, who were responding to a possible burglary at a Shelbyville residence.

According to state police, the officers found Williams deranged and armed with a pipe inside the residence. Williams refused to follow the officers' commands, and they used a taser gun on him numerous times, with very little effect, state police said.

Williams attacked both officers, leaving one injured and incapacitated, state police said. The second officer shot Williams, state police said. The officers involved in the shooting are Suzanne Marcum, a 17-year veteran of the Shelbyville police department, and Frank Willoughby, a six-year employee of the department.