Lexington police search for two cars from which shots were fired

Lexington police were searching for two cars from which passengers were shooting at each other at the start of rush hour Tuesday.

A black SUV and a gold sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus, with chrome rims were involved, Lt. David Biroschik said. Several callers reported people in the vehicles shooting at each other while in moving traffic in the area of New Circle Road and Palumbo Drive.

Witnesses last saw the cars on Young Drive, near the Quantrell Cadillac dealership, where one person got out of one of the vehicles, ran to the passenger's side of the other and fired several shots at the people inside. Both vehicles then sped away.

Biroschik said police did not know if anyone had been hit. No one had turned up at area hospitals with gunshot wounds.

"We have not found any suspects or victims," he said. "But we have found lots of shell casings." Anyone with information is asked to call Lexington police at (859) 258-3600.