Judge rules in University of Kentucky's favor in gender-discrimination case

Fayette Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine on Wednesday decided that University of Kentucky police Capt. Bobbye Carpenter had not established a case of work-related gender discrimination or retaliation. The trial started Monday.

The directed verdict came after Carpenter and her attorney, Robert Abell finished presenting Carpenter's case against the UK board of trustees, UK police chief Joe Monroe and others to a jury.

Defense attorney Barbara Kriz requested the directed verdict, and Goodwine agreed with the defense's motion.

"We are very pleased that the court strongly affirmed the university's position in this matter," UK spokesman Jay Blanton said.

Carpenter, a UK police department employee for nearly 37 years, and six other current or former female UK police officers filed suit in Fayette Circuit Court in 2007, alleging discrimination. Since then, Goodwine has divided the case, with separate trials involving each woman. Goodwine dismissed the case of one of the plaintiffs. Carpenter's case was the first to go to trial.

Abell told jurors on Monday that testimony and evidence would show that there was a "frat house" atmosphere within the UK police department and that Carpenter wasn't allowed to exercise leadership on the job. He said a 2006 investigation of the police department showed that there were real issues concerning fairness and equality in the department.