Three are arrested in conspiracy to sell pills in Pike County

Police have arrested three men accused of taking part in a conspiracy to sell pills in Pike County brought in from Florida.

Authorities arrested Kenneth Gannon, 53, of Aflex, and Russell West, 42, of McVeigh, on Tuesday. They allegedly sold drugs that a man from Florida supplied, according to a news release from Operation UNITE.

Federal authorities arrested Jerrmaine St. Clair Littles, 32, of Clearwater, Fla., this month on a charge of conspiring to distribute pain pills, according to the release.

The case was a bit unusual because a Florida resident was allegedly bringing pills to Kentucky, said Dan Smoot, deputy director of Operation UNITE.

More typically the last few years, Kentucky residents have gone to Florida to get prescriptions from unscrupulous doctors, then sold and abused the pills at home.

The drug ring sold more than 200,000 pills in Pike County in the last year, said Keith Napier, Big Sandy Task Force Manager for UNITE.

Police started investigating because of tips about drug trafficking in the Belfry area, and they were able to make undercover drug buys, according to the news release.

UNITE and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration investigated the case.