Police: Anderson middle school student had 'hit list' with more than 30 names

An Anderson County Middle School student has been charged with 32 counts of terroristic threatening after school officials learned that the student had allegedly crafted a "hit list" with the names of more than 30 students, Interim Lawrenceburg Police Chief Chris Atkins said.

Atkins declined to identify the juvenile. He said he did not know the student's age.

"At no time were any of the students in the school in danger. We don't even know if he was planning on carrying it out or how he would carry it out. He had no access to weapons of any kind," Atkins said.

A school official was made aware Tuesday night that a student had crafted a hit list, Atkins said, and the student was escorted into the school building Wednesday morning by school resource police officer Joe Saunier, who charged the student.

Atkins said the student was in custody, but he declined to say where.

In addition to protecting children at the school, "we want to make sure this child gets the help he needs too,'' Atkins said.

Sheila Mitchell, Superintendent of Anderson County Schools said in an email Thursday that school district officials want to ensure that students are safe.

"Our district staff has worked closely with local law enforcement through this process to ensure the safety of all our students and staff in this unfortunate incident," Mitchell said. "We are committed to our mission and will continue to work closely with law enforcement to make sure safety of our students remains our number one priority."