Police along Interstate 75 look for woman who told clerk she was kidnapped

Police agencies along the I-75 corridor were looking for a woman who told a store clerk in Northern Kentucky she had been kidnapped Monday night.

However, the clerk suspected the woman, and the man who was driving the car they were seen in, were drunk, Lexington police Lt. Dean Marcum said.

"We don't know how credible it is," he said.

The man and the woman were last seen at a store in Boone County, where the woman asked the clerk for help. They left toward I-75 in a white 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, with Ohio license plate number FJS 8634.

The Boone County sheriff's office sent out a notice to police in the state to be on the lookout, including Lexington police, Marcum said.

Both the man and woman looked to be in their 50s. The woman was described as wearing a t-shirt with flowers on it and a dark-colored sweater. The man was wearing a white hat.

Anyone with information is asked to call 9-1-1.